Wednesday, December 16, 2009

Repaint of heritage class leader underway.

RailCorp core heritage rail motor set 621/721 is the subject of Goodwin Alco's latest project effort which will see it restored to its authentic 1960's Indian red & lined livery in the coming months.

Works are being conducted at the depot of set custodians The Rail Motor Society with project labour consisting of team members supplied by Goodwin Alco, TRMS and Maitland Rotary.
Goodwin Alco is also sponsoring the supply of materials to repaint the set including sanding and masking materials, primer and undercoat, final paint and reproduction NSWGR shaded lettering.
Even builders plates are being reinstated!

As commitments have already been made for the sets operation in 2010 the project team dont expect to get much of a break until the new year but believe the final product will be worth the sacrifice.

Keep an eye out in early 2010 for 621/721's spectacular return to the network looking like a set hasnt for over a decade.
If you want to travel on 621/721's first run for 2010 book now with ARHS NSW at:
or contact TRMS for information regarding trips later in the year.

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daves4486 said...

Any word on 629/729s restoration? Seems to have gone very quiet,